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Slowing down a little, not because of my age!

I have revived a blog that was begun awhile back. I’ll be posting sets of art, most of which is already published here on RedBubble. I am doing this in an effort to gain more publicity for the art via other blogs linking. I will still depend on links to RedBubble for sales, if anyone is interested! (LOL…I certainly hope so!)
This strategy is being combined with my continued postings on Twitter whenever I add new art. I have noticed a significan increase in page views using twitter, and hope I will see even higher numbers with this blog. Conceptually, more page views on art will eventually equal more sales of that art. Someone, somewhere, is going to see something they like well enough to buy! and eventually, I will be able to retire!
So if you notice that there are fewer postings here on RedBubble, it is due to the time I am spending on the blog.
I want to Thank all my RedBubble friends and colleagues for the great support you continue to provide, and I will cherish the comments and critique provided by fellow artists right here.
If you would like to help enable my retirement, and you like my work, please share this blog address with all your car nut friends and some of your enemies.
Of course, your subscription to updates will be greatly appreciated as well!
WildBillPhoto blog

Thanks to everyone at RedBubble for the opportunity to express myself in this forum!

Best regards,


  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithabout 3 years ago

    Good luck Bill.
    Take care.
    Hope you get to retire soon.

  • Thanks John! I added a number of your shots tonight…

    – WildBillPho

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindabout 3 years ago

    Retirement Hell Wild Bill . You got another good forty years of work in you yet . Goog luck and thanks for being a friend .

  • LOL! Thanks Pops! I would be 101!!

    – WildBillPho

  • Judith Hayes
    Judith Hayesabout 3 years ago

    I love your work … best of luck!! What is your twitter name?

  • Thanks very much Judith!

    – WildBillPho

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindabout 3 years ago

    Still a young un !

  • CanyonWind
  • Rebecca Cozart
    Rebecca Cozartabout 3 years ago

    Nice blog…super shots. I’ve thought about doing the same, but I don’t have anything worthwhile to say! LOL

  • Thanks Rebecca! i had it up for a year and a half and didn’t post anything! Then I met a guy (justacarguy) taking shots at Good Guys, and he convinced me to work on it. His blog got over a million hits last year and he wants to feature my work. Small world, huh? I’m not saying anything different than I do on RB…he told me the work speaks for itself! (We shall see!) Your work speaks volumes!

    – WildBillPho

  • barkeypf
    barkeypfabout 3 years ago

    You know we all wish you the best. keep on pushing and things will happen.

  • Thanks Paul! Learning to blog is a challenge, probably like Aperture! But I’m doing something every day…it’s bound to pay off one of these days!

    – WildBillPho

  • NinaF
    NinaFabout 3 years ago

    Hope you have great success!! I’ve blogged a little but its been awhile. Have fun!!! Your site looks great!

  • Thank you Nina!

    – WildBillPho

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzabout 3 years ago

    good idea… I might try this

  • Thanks George!

    – WildBillPho

  • Rickster1
    Rickster1about 3 years ago

    “Gotta run that mile Bill”
    Every single finger and toe crossed for you for the future ~ Motor Man
    Good luck WILLIAM

  • Thank you Rick!

    – WildBillPho