Going Home

Good Evening Bubblers

Well today was my last day at my friend’s, no sunrise this morning way too cloudy, same for sunset. We went back to the forest and I managed to get really close to the squirrels and birds, think I managed to get some good shots. I even got a few of the mouse again, it had a beautiful dark brown velvet shiney looking coat, so now can’t wait to get home and start downloading to my computer.

I will be sad to leave Ruth, we actually met in a games chat room about 2 years ago, it was a great little set up, we made lots of friends all over the world many from Australia. Anyway POPCAP pulled the plug on the multi player games (piggy poker) and we all scatttered, I think most play games on ionthunder now. Anyway I finally met Ruth and we have had a great week. I have even got her saying she’s going to have a go with a digital camera she has never used before. She really enjoyed going to the forest and watching the squirrels and birds. I’m so thrilled as she is not very well and this is something she can do that’s not too much effort.

Anyway bubblers that’s about all for my journal, as I have the long trek home tomorrow with the detour of picking Katie (my daughter) up too.

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