I am an artist in London ON, (the other London)
Influenced by The Fauves, VanGogh, comic books , DaDa and the Group of Seven. Too many influences.
Most of my “real” artwork is done in pastels, which I hate but have some how adopted as my main medium.
Looking at my art there are lots of different styles, that is because some of the work comes from old sketch books and I tend to try different styles all the time. I like to experiment. I have 1 book full of “mondrian” type ideas, and another with over 120 nudes of which " I’ve only posted a few.
I tend to use “type” when I do t-shirt designs. Type faces can be a forgotten aspect of design, probadly because computers have made them so accessible to everyone. But I like to explore the function and affect that type has.
Thanks for dropping by.
“Art is a corner of Nature seen through a Temperment”
-James MacNeil Whistler

“Variety is the spice of Life.”
-William Cowper

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