Lorne 07 - Overnight Trip with the Melbourne Bubblers

What a blast all of us had over the weekend. Weather certainly was perfect for the outing….I did enjoy the trip as well as the drive along the Great Ocean Road which is pretty much similar to what Penang (the city I came from) has. The only difference is it’s a much longer version……!

It’s certainly wonderful meeting up the gang as well as newbies. This is only my 2nd outing as I missed out the Sept dinner (a bummer)

Anyway, here are some of the shots I have taken during this outing with the bunch of “wackos”……

See Mel, I remember taking a few!! LoL

After a long day’s fun, beers always good, so said Chris!

The “Asian” group shot in Apollo Bay

Well, this is not even half way through…..(Yes Hien, I’m a slowbie!!) I try not to skip the sequence but it’s tough at times…!!!

More to come, fellow Lorners……

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