When I was just a small child, my grand mother gave me a needle with some bright colors of thread and taught me how to do simple embroidery. My mother who used to do the most beautiful intricate crochet work also taught me the beginning stitches of crochet. My grand mother would take me across the creek, in the summer to an old dumping site that hadn’t been used in many years to search for what we called treasure. Bit’s and pieces of pottery, old metal pieces, old bottles were among the many treasures we would find there. She taught me to look at what something could be as apposed to simply what it was. That is where my art career started. That gift has come in handy through out my years as a mixed media artist, scenic artist and prop master, winning many awards and scholarships in the process.

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Hello redbubble, from a newbee

I have been playing around here a few weeks and I am just so thrilled to find such a huge collection of talent here. I come here to work but can not stop looking at all the eye candy that graces the pages. Being used to working with a not so discriminate company I just can’t stop looking. Everywhere you look it is one beautiful or touching image or writing from another great artist. Thank…
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