Statically Charged with The Beatles

I am in a dark empty room. Tall cavernous walls spiral up far above my head. They give me the feeling of claustrophobia, like how I get around a lot of tall people.
This must be what the inside of a boredom-struck daydreamer’s mind looks like.
Suddenly, my frailly curved body plummets into a spiral of color. Shapes becoming noticeable in the whirlwind of a tie-dye haze.
I slowly stand, my spinning vision coming to a slow motioned stop. I am in a crowd of people, blurts of energy and crazed yells escaping from their overly stimulated voice boxes. They seem to be facing in a general direction. I turn my head, following the yellow brick road their eyes have created. I realize I am in a stadium, and there on the stage are The Beatles.
My heart does a thousand loop~de~loops, for I am live, in the presence of one of the most influential bands of rock n roll history.
The energy of the crowd acts as my energizer bunny, and soon I am recharged. I work my way closer to the stage, for their small speakers do nothing to reach the far corners of my mind. I watch as they open their mouths, releasing from it the air of a hundred beautiful notes, their hands producing the music that has been my sunlight for so many years.
I stand in reverence, feeling the drums vibrations echoing in my chest, jumping from rib to rib.
PZZZZT. Static.
I feel one with life, with music, with sound.
I look up towards the sky, but instead of mindlessly shaped clouds, I see a tall, cavernous ceiling. I quickly look back down, not wanting this dream to end.
PZZT. Static.
Static, static, static buzzing across my vision. The Beatles disappear into a haze of black and white.
But alas, my dream will return someday. For now I am left to bask in the echoes of their song, stuck in my head until the static comes again.

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Statically Charged with The Beatles by 



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  • Dufuart
    Dufuartover 3 years ago

    nice… so when did you start taking acid?

  • Ha. Ha. You’re funny. Mr. Dufu.. I know where you live!

    – Whimsi

  • Dufuart
    Dufuartover 3 years ago

    That’s true, but it doesn’t worry me.

  • It should.

    – Whimsi

  • Dufuart
    Dufuartover 3 years ago

    naaahhh You wouldn’t dare “cut” the production of advertisement for your big movie!

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