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Passion of the Zombie

It’s really hard to find true love when you are a Zombie. Even if you’re a high functioning one like me. But men don’t see that. They just see the gross face, and my never ceasing hunger for flesh. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a huge turn off. I probably would have walked away from all the Zombie bachelors back when I was a human. But still, this is me we’re talking about.I am Lydia, and I am on the nearly impossible quest for Zombie romance.It all started back when I was 12. Barbies were an old fad, the sky was soggy with raindrops, and the only movies we had in the house were old Romance films.I would sit on our worn and weary couch while watching my favorite Classic films. Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and My Fair Lady flickered across our black and white television, bringing a spark of dreams and romance to my young mind.When I was 15, I got my first boyfriend. I was so excited! I imagined us growing up to be high school sweethearts. I saw our skin clear of pimples, and in come a delicate swerve of wrinkles. My fantasies finally had the chance to become a reality. But perhaps I was too eager to fall into the grasps of love. I soon realized that the love of a sophomore boy in high school was not at all what I imagined. They had only one thing on their hormonal minds, and I can tell you it wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted.After that, I gave up dating. I said to myself, love will find you. And it sure won’t find you amongst the halls of Willow Springs High.I moved on from high school, taking a job at a local diner. The food was full of fats and oils, and the ice cream was merely pretending to be ice cream. It was so bad you couldn’t even call it “soft-served.” But none the less, the everyday customers loved me. My pockets were soon full of tips, and my bank account was finally respectable.When the plague broke out, no one in my small town even noticed. Life went on. We’d seen the news reports, we’d heard the warnings. But we all felt like there was no need. No one ever came in or out of our humble Missourian town, so there was really no danger.

That’s when he came.
A tall, dashing young man who went by the name of Zander came rolling into our town. His Mustang’s stereo blasting the sweet sound of classic rock. All of us girls were awestruck. How could you not be when you are standing next to someone only the gods could have crafted.
He was absolutely beautiful.
He made eyes with the pretty ones, winked at the shy ones, and smiled at the old ones. And by the end of the week, everyone was talking about the legendary Zander.
During my shift at the Diner, he came in. He sat his cute little booty in one of our 50’s style booths, and began to flip through the menu.
“What can I get you?” I said, praying that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.
“I’ll just start with a coffee. No sugar, two creams.” He said. God, his voice was even lovelier than his face.
I ran to the kitchen, grabbed him that coffee, and strolled my way back to his table.
“Here you go, sir.” I said, trying my best to please him.
“Thank you, love.” He said, with a sparkle in his eye, and a smile wide across his lips.
I could’ve sworn that right there at that moment, I fell in love with Zander.
For the next week and a half, Zander came into the diner everyday. He always ordered a coffee, and he always gave me his award winning smile. As days grew deeper, so did my affection for him. We began to have real conversations, and we began to become friends. He was everything I had ever dreamed of, and he was everything I believed I couldn’t have. I drew myself to think that he was out of my league, and that I didn’t stand a damn chance. He was amazing, and I was just okay.
One Thursday morning, he came in for his regular coffee, two creams.
“So you know, I’ve seen you everyday for the past week, and I still don’t know your name.” He said, a teasing look playing around his perfectly green eyes.
“Oh, I guess that would be a good thing to know.” I said, words stumbling. He gave me a look like I was forgetting something important.
“Oh, right! Duh. I’m Lydia. But everyone here calls me Leah. ”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you Leah. I’m Zander,” he said, holding out his hand. I shook it, saying “Nice to meet you Zander.” He smiled. Goodness, he had beautiful teeth. Like two rows of really tiny, perfectly white sheep.

To Be Continued… Right now.

“Would you like to join me and my daily cup of coffee?” He asked me, smiling. I scanned the Diner. The only other customer here was a sweet old man in the corner, reading the Sunday paper a few days too late. I noticed the front page story was about the Plague, and how horrible it was becoming, but all I could think of was Zander and his beautiful teeth.
“I’d love to join you for coffee.” I said to him. He smiled, motioning to the seat across from him. I sat down, grabbing the coffee cup from a nearby empty table, and poured myself a glass.
“So why don’t you add sugar to your coffee?” I asked as I ripped open two packets of Sweet ‘n’ Low.
“I mean, cream is great, but isn’t your coffee still bitter?” He looked at me, rolling my words over and over again in his head, deciding how to answer my question.
“I don’t put sugar in my coffee because sugar mutes the truth. It hides the true flavor of things. Sugar is like many people, they may look sweet, and delicious, but underneath they are just a bitter cup of black coffee.” A sense of broodiness came over Zander. His posture changed, his smile turned into a look of pain, his eyes stared blankly into the distance.
“Zander…Zander.” I said softly as I waved my hand in front of his face.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” He said to me. “I must’ve blanked off.”
“It’s okay,” I said. “So what, you don’t like sugar. No biggie.” I said, using my smile to repair any damage.
“I, yeah… I guess so.” He said. “Listen, I have to go. Are you free tomorrow night?” He asked me. My heart fluttered a billion times. Zander, the legendary Zander, the man of my dreams, the weirdo who doesn’t like sugar, was going to ask me on a date!
“Yeah, I’m free.” I said all nonchalantly.
“Cool,” he said smiling. “Do you want to hang out? I could make you dinner at my place. I’m a pretty decent chef.” He said. Okay Leah, stay calm. Do not wreck this. Be cool. Be cool…
“Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome.” I said accidentally lisping on the “S” in awesome. Shoot. Maybe he didn’t notice.
“Great, meet me here at seven and we can walk over there.” He threw a couple bucks on the table, downed the rest of his sugarless coffee, and headed out the door.
I squealed for delight, dancing and grooving out of sheer happiness.
“Now little lady, don’t go getting yourself knocked up.” The old man said from the corner.

Passion of the Zombie


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I started writing this at work one day… I think it has potential. I just need to finish it. :) Give me feed back, and ideas!

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