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At the age of 25 years I discovered the passion to travel, in order to become acquainted with stranger countries, people and cultures.

After journeys on the African Continent, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, I continued to go further to the East. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and also Hongkong were my goals.

In the mid 90`s, I fulfilled my dream finally, when I traveled for a backpack – route to South America. And only one year later, I crossed Central America, from Mexico City to Panama City.

After some Spain and Portugal-Journeys and after two Greenland Cruiseships, I traveled several times into the North American Continent, and also to Alaska, where I was already seven times.

The winter 2005 I spent again in Yukon and Alaska, with the Redington`s, on their Iditarod-Team. In May I flew for a couple of weeks to Japan and came back again to Canada to continued my journey on the beautiful Eastcoast, in Quebec …


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