Serendipitous encounters with global cultures, animals (in particular, WHALES!) and far flung—-plus sometimes not so far flung—-destinations are my passion.

Photography is a powerful medium, a useful instrument to promulgate what is so special about this planet as well as to spotlight what is worth protecting.

It is my sincere wish that visitors to my portfolio experience the beauty and wonder of nature. Moreover my hope is that my photographs will inspire viewers to be proactive toward the protection of wildlife and its habitat, those efforts ultimately making a far better world for all beings.

Gina Ruttle aka Whalegeek
(All images contained in this portfolio were captured by Gina)

For wildlife photography par excellence, I welcome you to peruse the gallery of talented family member A.M. Ruttle who creates magic with her photography.

“And God created great whales…and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:21

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