Too Many Artists... Not Enough TIME...

It is very easy to miss some amazing work by very talented Artists here on Redbubble, so here are a few that I believe are worth taking your time to visit.

Some are well established here and I return to their work over and over again, others are just new and deserve to have a wider audience.

I would love all of my RB friends and family and even those I have not met yet,, but whom were drawn here because of the title of this journal to take the time to visit the portfolios of the amazing and talented Artists below.

Thanks for giving some of your time to view the following

I have asked each of the groups that I am a part of to accept this journal as I would like for all of these Artists to have the widest promotion that I can offer. I hope that they are willing to accept it into their groups. I thank the Hosts of each group that accepts this journal.

Rosemaree xo

A favourite image by ‘RodeoRose’ Here

A favourite image by ‘murals2go’ "Here"

A favourite image by ‘aussiebuststick’ Here

Kristina K
A favourite image by ‘Kristina K’ Here

A favourite from ‘sprezzatura’ Here

Susan Bergstrom
A favourite by ‘Susan’ Here

A favourite image by ‘Granny shot’ Here

A favourite image from ‘gabriellelees’ Here

A favourite image by ‘kimberleyheslop’ Here

A favourite image by ‘greenhorngrl’ Here

A favourite image by ‘blemley’ Here

Kenton Elliot
A favourite image by Kenton Here

I hope that you enjoy all of these Artists and their wonderful work.

I will put up another journal at another time with some more wonderful Artists here in RB.

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