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We Want Messenger bags not tote bags.

Coming soon

Every month I donate some of my small earning from Redbubble to different charities, here are some of them I’ve recently supported!

(needs an update pic soon)
Manchester Fur Meet, Private artists who I think deserves it, BBC Children in need and ALS

Few things you must know:
1. I’m a Brony (Since 2010)
I’m geeky, nerdy and a massive gamer.
2. I can do request/commission for a design for you (cheaper price/usually no profit made prices) or if you want anything changed on the t-shirts just Redbubble mail me. :D
3. Rainbow Dash is Mai Waifu! KEEP OFF!

Commissions/Request status: Closed, sorry…


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Pegasi's Redbubble Discount code round up

Pegasi’s Redbubble Discount code round up! / I’ve round up all the discount codes what Redbubble has to offer on here, use at your will and happy shopping and hope you get a great deal! / ** / Did you know if you buy 6 stickers the shipping is FREE! / Did you know if you buy 4 of ANY CLOTHING the shipping is FREE! / Did you know if you buy 16+ Greetings cards, you’ll get 30% off…
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