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No, I am a girl. Someone gave me this name, beause I asked,letting the bastard
enrol(?) me: no, I did ask for a difficult name to pronounce; right! my phonetics PRONOUNCES my names VERDNAM, the other letters silent; (consult the bucket on Appearances on tv). I like that raspy? Germman girl’s voice in Blue Room? and also Hélène Cixous & Luce Irigaray & Julia Kristeva; also Cher & Elvis Presley (someone wrote ‘elvis’ ‘lives’ fo rever, talking Haiku. Yes, I too, read Redbubble before I joined. I’m a poet, and (not declaring myself yet); I like Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman , T S Eliot, D H Lawrence, and the
Modern Poetry poets collectively writing one Redbubble poet says Nonces, poetry; now; the wriitings of, defining the poem, being, written particularly

  • Joined: February 2013