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Hey, my name is Angel and I’m an Independent artist and animator.
If you’re interested in more of my work, check out; My Artsy Blog

Thank you. :]

Other sites;
Facebook Page

P.S. I love seeing ‘customer photos’. So please feel free to send any photos you have of you wearing my artwork or using it (like what you do with my stickers designs?). Seeing these pictures makes me very happy and I feature them on my blog/tumblr/facebook page. :]

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All the stickers in one place!

Heres all my stickers together in one place. / Click on the image to go to the sticker page. :] / P.S. If you scroll down a bit, you might notice SOME of the stickers have weird boxes/rectangles around them? but if you go to the actual page of the sticker you’ll see that it won’t (and shouldn’t) have that box. I don’t know why it does in the thumbnails here but you sticke…
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