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Edenton, United States

I've Been Away

Hi all, have been off RedBubble for a couple of weeks. I apologize if I have missed comments or am late responding.
I was on a trip to Eluru, India. I have been challenged beyond belief. I have been touched by some precious children in an orphanage I visited, and came home wanting to bring them with me.
I have lots of pictures, but have not yet sorted through them all. Will post some shortly. But a 8 hour train ride, 4 hour flight + 14 hour flight + 1 hour flight, then a 4 hour ride home has wiped me out. Trying to get my internal clock regulated. I missed being able to check in on RB, but had no internet access.
Missed you all, but would not have missed this trip for anything. It has certainly put things in perspective, I realize anew how very blessed I am.
Will be posting again soon.
Carolyn Ricks (WeeZie)

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