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New Web site!

I’m going pro! / Check it out!. / Also: / I’ll be moving to Houston, TX within the month; any job leads in that area would be greatly appreciated.
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I’ve made some buttons! Check ’em out! / Sorry for my absence, I promise I’ll update more frequently once things have settled; I have a tonsillectomy in a couple of weeks, a family reunion about 1,000 miles away for the Fourth of July, and am planning a move to Houston. Finding employment in a city four hours away is no easy task. / Anyone know of any job leads in Houston?
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Post Revival! (Edited 2008.09.15)

I’ve received the first piece of (what I’ve deemed) the Post Revival Project! Thanks to najeroux who altered the post card and made it pretty! / The back reads: / “Due to the substantial buttery goodness of artline 70 markers, all web generated pigs are mostly green & smell like spry painted penguins! Failling that, we can live in wine bottles called Shaun.” / You can …
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2008.08.21 / Toby was featured on the front page of the group Art and Stories Made for Children. I’m honored that he made it to the featured section! / He’s going to be gloating about it for ages! :)
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