i HOPE my redbubble order arrives today.....

i put an order in on Nov 4th for 11 cards of RB’s artist..

Today’s the 16th November, and i still havent got them :( :(

I was informed that it was dispatched on the 4th of November, surely it doesnt take this long to get from city to me (im only 35kms east of the city)

i wrote to RB last nite and i was told it takes up to 10days ..
is that 10 days from our order date? or 10 days from dispatch date?

wotever it is……its LATE, and it shouldnt take this long! TALK ABOUT SNAIL MAIL! Id rather pay for the postage to receive delivery at realistic time.. then free postage and wait this long…

hmmm… does RB do PICKUPS (deliveries i mean, not cute/hot customers)


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