As you read my writing you will know why i NEED a writer.. hehe

Ok..i have a ‘job’ proposition. I need someone to write about me..for me.. something that i can use to promote me/my arts & the things i do/capable of doing for my recently registered business..

As you can see, thru my profile.. i have a HUGE amount of images that covers a range of subjects. Im like that also in skills.. I can design, build simple webpages, promote, not too bad with photoshop and have a knack of photographing people and turning mediocre photos into not too bad piece of art.. Im also very knowledgable about the Internet, Online commerce/business and Web2.0. I also discovered this year that im not too bad at designing tshirts :)

So i registered my business in July (Webgrrl) and would like to make my presence known in the real world, to start off, around the local area here in Ferntree Gully and the surrounding Hills area..

Im thinking that i would need to make some sort of ‘flyer’ or letter of introduction that would cover what i do and can do for the businesses and community here.. Ranging from Graphic & Web Design, Small jobs of photography (no, not interested in Weddings) for the average income family at their home, or even do touchups and manipulation of their favourite photos into a memorable art piece via photoshop and my design/art skills..

I would like to be able to send (snail mail) or personally hand these ‘intro letter’ along with a sample of two of my works..including contact details, web address, so they can look at their leisure. Also would like to do some sort of promo, that i can do letterdrops.. And then, if all this happens, i would like to make contact with the local newspapers to let them know as well (and maybe see if im news enough to make into the paper..)

I thinks you’all get the picture so far, yes? Hope so..(i tend to waffle and stray in thought)

What i can offer in return :

Like all of us artist, im not rich..but i can afford to ‘pay’ someone (though i prefer to barter). This can be either i give you something of mine to the value of $50’ish mark. Or maybe i could design you something (for website, book cover, flyer, etc). Or even a $50 RedBubble voucher for u to spend here.. or if you prefer good ole money :)

Im not sure what exactly this type of writer would be called (definitely not fiction.. hehe). Copywriter? Or Media/Press release type writer. You definitely do not have to be a professional or have done this before..but you must have the heart to want to have the opportunity to see if your writing can shine the light on someone (me!) Read my profile and check out the links there to get better idea of what i do/want to do, etc..

If you are interested, you can contact me via here or email me :

thanks for your time reading this…

Firdaus (Webgrrl)

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