artSOLD : What's been selling at my 'shops'

A few weeks ago (or maybe more..) i came to a point where i wanted to have small something (widget, feed, etc) that i can place on my main website ( and few other blogs that i have.. something that shows what’s been sold recently from all the places i have my art..

The only quick solution i could come up with (and with no cost) was to make a blog and post the info items, and taking the opportunity to Thank the buyer at the same time.. and so artSOLD was ‘born’

From there, i can then grab the rss feed and utilize it in many different ways.. my favourite being the widget at widgetbox : see here

In a marketing and business sense, I’m not sure if this has been done before. We usually make a blog or websites to promote what art we make and whats for sale.. but making a blog/journal of what we’ve sold, i haven’t come across, and i have this belief that people like to know what people are buying, popular etc too.. So i thought, Why Not to have one for what’s sold!?

Plus if/when buyer comes across the acknowledgment of thanks, thats a positive energy too…and im all about and for Spreading the Goodness!

artSOLD took me a full day to set up, using a free blogger template i went lookin for.. Then i put thinkin caps on to see what ‘widget, promotional’ goodies there is available from all the three main places i associate with..

maybe you want to make one too.. :) Its a nice journal to have, and it makes you work just that bit harder (in promotions especially) so that you get sales, and that means a new post! :)

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