Words and Thoughts

An hour ago I wrote a forum entry and have just experienced first hand how difficult it is to choose the right words when attempting to express ones thoughts. Of all the words I wrote, the reader chose those words to comment upon, that he disagreed with, no other. And, as fortune would have it, those words were not meant in the way he understood/ interpreted them. And my mother tongue is English! How many of you out there are trying to express your thoughts and English isn´t even your mother tongue!?

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Cynthia Adams has sadly decided to leave RedBubble and I wanted you all to know. Cynthia expressed in words what many of us were thinking about a certain issue but her words were not the only ones written. I want to express my solidarity with Cynthia with this journal entry.
Thanks for reading! Eva


  • Avril Brand
    Avril Brandabout 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, people often obsess over a few words and sometimes delibarately misunderstand in order to create an ‘issue’. I often say things that come out the wrong way and my big mouth has caused me lots of problems but never because I deliberately wish to be hurtful. Don’t worry about it Eva and Klaus – always stand up for what you believe even if you are punished for it.

    As for Cynthia, her honesty is refreshing. If more people said honestly how they felt, the world would be a better place. I cannot abide hypocrisy. I hope Cynthia will be back with us – she is a wonderfully talented artist, a great person and RB willl be a less colourful place without her.

  • Hi Avril, thanks so very much for your kind and understanding words!
    Big hug!

    – Eva & Klaus WW

  • naturelover
    natureloverabout 6 years ago

    It is a travesty that she has been treated this way – for simply putting into words what all fair minded people were thinking – she will be sorely missed, not only for her wonderful work, but also her honesty and friendliness, for her to be used as a scapegoat this way is a disgrace. There are people who need to take a long hard look at the way they have mis-handled this situation! Many of us hope she will be back with us again soon !

  • rosamd
    rosamdabout 6 years ago

    Cynthia will be sorely missed,not only did she grace us with her amazing talent but with her gentle kindness.Honestly think she was so badly mistreated,and dont blame her for leaving!!This world would be a much better place with more Cynthias.!!

  • funkyfacestudio
    funkyfacestudioabout 6 years ago

    I didn’t see it but that happens all the time………the main point is seldom seen LOL they would rather pick it apart like vultures.