Founded in Australia in 2004, by long time web industry figures Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp, Web Directions conferences bring together the web industry’s leading experts from around the world to educate, entertain and inspire our attendees.

Our major conferences, Web Directions South and Web Directions North, are held annually in Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada, and cover the full range of interests for web professionals – web design, front-end and and back-end development, information architecture, interaction design, accessibility, data visualization and much more. Our more focussed conferences home in on specific areas and segments, such as User Experience, and Government.

We have a editorial approach to our conferences – we put together programs based on current trends in the industry, and seek out speakers who are working in those areas to give inspiring, entertaining, but most importantly practical presentations. Take a look at our resources site to see slides and hear podcasts from our previous events.

  • Joined: August 2008

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