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i am English currently living in los angeles,and i still wonder why.but more on that later,maybe.
i was born clutching a small set of paints,but found it impossible to get anyone to buy me paper,i had to wait until i could get around and find books with blank pages in them to draw on,from the very beginning i found life hard,but i am not bitter,now the people whose books i drew in,they are bitter.
well that takes us up to where i am about to get out of diaper’s in between making the occasional dash for independance,and suffering the humiliation of being found and brought back,i was a prolific painter,a blank piece of paper held the possibility of eternity,i would be filled with such bliss on finding such a sheet, is this all the space i have? no the box has just moved. so i have reached the age of three,so i hope this box just gets bigger and bigger
now where was i? ah yes I’m three i have set up a studio in a town called birkenhead in the northwest of england,times are still hard as i have to wait for Christmas and birthdays for gifts of books with blank pages front and back to have paper.
now this maybe a bit of a leap for most of you,years have gone by,i am now living in Jerusalem’s i am far too long winded to do this i must stop as it is late,and fortunately i can always edit later

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Stephan Sbarge. Or living in someone elses studio.

This is far too late I have to be up in the morning. / And out to work. How long ago was it, I used that expression? / A life time ago. Thats how long, I have just had a day of work that was so productive, that I cant remember a day like it, ever. / It all started back in October of last year………………………………………
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