Carrum Downs, Australia

Today: September 9th 2011

Thanks to the entries of Miss Audrey I felt inspired to add thoughts of my own to my Journal…never done this before other than rantings on Yahoo so be gentle with me :)
I was just pondering about something I experienced this morning. I had to visit a local pathology center as I need to get a test done (don’t ask…the price you pay for eating overseas) and upon entering, noticed a sweet elderly lady, all dressed up and smelling delightfully “Nanna-ish” all lavender soap. She was sitting on her walker near the door, obviously waiting for an organized “someone” to take her home. We caught each others gaze and I politely smiled as I entered and was greeted with the same in kind. The room was full of people, waiting for tests etc…there must have been at least 20 in there..some elderly some not, but none seemed very fragile except this lady: of course I don’t know that for a fact. After dealing with my issues I left, walking past her once again, and as I got outside her taxi rolled up. I turned and saw the heavy door move, ran over and offered assistance which was received with much gratitude: apparently sciatica had crippled this soul. I helped her to her taxi and suggested she get home and enjoy a nice cup of tea to which she replied “Yes but I have to pamper myself these days…there’s no one else anymore” to which I involuntarily replied “You dear sweetheart, I hope the rest of your day is better than this”. The taxi driver seemed very kind and assured me he would look after her and get her home.

My beef is that nobody in that waiting room offered to help her with the door: They all just sat there. Is it so hard to be nice to each other? This sort of thing happens (different circumstances) around me very often…too often.
If I simple meet another persons gaze I offer a smile (not a weird, spooky kind) and 8 out of 10 times I get one back….so I guess there is hope. But I admit this morning was disappointing. Is it me or does this inconsiderate behavior occur everywhere else? Maybe we should start a new faith: the “Church of Each Other”.
What do you think?

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