Having rekindled my interest in photography with the digital age, I have been honing my rusty skills with some courses and lots of learning from others. I am seeing things differently now from even 6 months ago. Such an enjoyable journey to take in life and a reminder of all the joy there is in doing something you love.

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Calendar going to NZ

Sold a Perth to Pilbara calendar which will find its way to New Zealand. Thanks to cnicoll for buying it :-)
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More sales!

Tonight a friend of a work friend bought 5 of the City of Lights card to send to England. It’s nice to have people appreciate what you love doing and to know a bit of Perth is going overseas :-)
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Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

Don’t you love it when you upgrade something and all of a sudden, everything else needs upgrading too! Got the new D700 camera – needed a new FX lens to go with it as DX won’t cut it….. no problems…add that on. / As large as the current camera bag is… it’s not quite enough for the new filters and lens… add that new bag I wanted originally a year ag…
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Woo hoo! How exciting it is when you sell something! But even better when you sell TWO things. / Thank you Khosie for buying the card Test of Time / Thanks to the person who bought the limited edition T-Shirt One of those people / Doing a Snoopy happy dance here! Thanks guys!!!
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