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The Cloud Gazer

I have sat back and observed our race for way too long now. I am starting to get really pissed off with my fellow human beings. I am now at the point where I feel it is time for me to expound on a few things – the simple things of life that too many people have conveniently forgotten. Cloud gazing is one such example. I’m quite sure we all participated in this game as young children. I know I did… This is not a “childish sport”, and does not distinguish between the bounds of colour, class, race, or station in life. Cloud gazing serves to open the door to your imagination’s eye; a door that has been closed to too many of us for way too long now; and our imagination is one of the very few things that we all need in this time and age.

Surely, even Leonardo Da Vinci must have nurtured his imagination to roll out the copious volumes of work that he did. Everything from anatomy, with his painting of “Virtruvian Man”, which also serves to point to the power of Phi (pronounced “Fee”, and equates to 1.618), and the Fibonacci Sequence; (which a lot of us didn’t even know existed, until that powerful novel “The Da Vinci Code”, by Dan Brown was published), through ballistics and physics, and on to his famous paintings such as “Madonna on the Rocks”, “The Last Supper”, and the “Mona Lisa”. I know I may not be in a position to comment upon the conclusions and inferences drawn from “The Da Vinci Code”, but, at the same time, I do not think we should cast a blind eye to the fact that, historically, many, many facts that are put forward for review and hypothesis by Dan Brown, have roots leading way back into archival, mediaeval, and historical reports, gleaned from many hours of study.

If we were without imagination, we would become a static, stagnant, dying breed, chained to the laws and mores of society, and working a 9 to 5 job – mere mindless robots. We need to take the time to slow down – to stop, to lie back on a sunny day. Find a soft, luxurious patch of grass, and relax… Really relax… Allow the sun to make you drowsy, and then cast your gaze up… up to the skies… to the clouds. To the land of our imagination. Give in to the mysteries, and see with fresh eyes; see what is there; what you’ve not seen since your childhood Forget all about your work commitments, agendas, briefs, and office politics. You don’t get paid for dwelling on these in your own time.

So gaze, and let your mind wander. Follow your different trains of thought, if only to see where they lead you. Look up to the skies, to the clouds. Watch them; really look at them. Don’t try to force your imagination. Do not try to make sense of what you are seeing. What is is what it is – nothing more, nothing less. You cannot take photos of cloud shapes. They are never what you can see in them. You can try to experiment, but that big white fluffy thing in the centre of the photo is absolutely nothing like the two-headed, winged, fire-breathing dragon you can still see in your mind’s eye. And the changes! Constantly changing… your dragon becomes a galloping horse at the beach, a bird of prey, a Mastiff dog, a fluffy rabbit, a lazy cow, a tree, a frog. And each shape morph’s into the next like quicksilver. There are no blanks, no gaps, no nothingness, just the continual flux of the clouds in conjunction with the peregrinations of your thoughts.

Cast off your inhibitions. Don’t listen to the denigrations heaped upon you by your peers. Who cares what other people think? Certainly, not I!!! I just say “Stuff you”, and continue to do what I am good at – cloud gazing. I lay back and listen to vintage Pink Floyd, and gaze upwards, forever upwards, towards the clouds. Extraneous thoughts are not allowed in. My chemical barrier will not let them in. Yet it also opens the pathways of the imagination.

Long may the cloud gazers rule!

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Eagles land behind my house. Parrots, Galah’s & Cockatoo’s land in my front yard. Kangaroos, wallabies, field mice, wombats, possums and rabbits drink from my 2.5 megalitre dam. Murray Cod are in abundance, as are the humble Cherax Destrector, or Yabby. As such, my photography the nature of the beast that lurks within. Discover the secrets that are to be found within.

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  • clarkey
    clarkeyabout 6 years ago

    I have to say “Great minds think alike!”, Andrew. However, you are much more generous to our race than I am – I don’t hold out much hope for it unless it has “mental maturation” in a big hurry. (You can read my thoughts here. ) You’ve expressed your thoughts and habit very eloquently and succinctly. I do just what you are advocating, although not as often as I would like, but, my imagination is a very fertile breeding ground for flights of fancy. Brilliantly put.

  • Thank you so much, Clarkey. I honestly do appreciate your visit and comments. I think I did rein my feelings in a little on the final draft. Probably a good thing too, as I don’t think I would have made too many new friends, and I would certainly alienated old ones with the style I originally went with.

    – warmonger62

  • jennyfnf
    jennyfnfabout 6 years ago

    Why did you choose a name like warmonger? You write from a Peacemaker’s stance, from deep in the soul, in a way with which we can all connect . I don’t know if children still lie in fields, gardens, parks, wherever, and chase the cloud creatures on winged chariots. I hope so.
    Truly, I fully expected there to be a large response to your writing, and I am surprised by this. Their loss.

  • Thanks so much Jen. I may change my user name to SnowLeopard yet (check my bio on that one!)… warmonger is a hanger-on thingy from my playing Warcraft days. (Yeah, a fair while ago). I try to make sure my grand-kids (all 5 of them) try to follow in my rather ‘childish’ footsteps, as I really don’t mind wot other people think. They say a first impression is formed in the first 3 seconds… I am 6’ 4", 220lbs, have tatts on my back, a long goatee, and a 6" long rat’s tail at the bottom of a shaved head. People cross the street so they don’t have to walk past me, but, as you can see from my writing, which really is from the soul, that is only a persona… I really am a nice guy!!! Ask anyone :-0) But thankyou so much for your visit, and lovely comments. The really are much appreciated. And, yes, I agree with you, the response was a little under-whelming, and it is their loss… I guess only the lucky and the beautiful get to read my writings, and look at my photos and CG art.

    Again, I thank you, please allow me a little room to manoeuvre with some of my petty bitching in my writings, and some titles… Here’s to a long-lasting artistic friendship

    Andrew aka the snow leopard

    – warmonger62

  • jennyfnf
    jennyfnfabout 6 years ago

    Here’s to it indeed Andrew!
    Your Grandchildren are very lucky little people. YYou and your life are full of light and colour. Appearances – who cares?…only a shell, maybe showing what you want people to see. It’s inside what counts.
    Take all the room you want, I am enjoying looking through your galleries:-)

  • Indeed, it is only a shell. The people who are willing to take the time to get to know me can certainly vouch for this. I think you are in the process of doing this now…
    Thank you for taking the time to look through my galleries, and gaining an insight to who I really am. The eyes are the window to the soul, but in this case the camera has to be my eye. :-)

    – warmonger62

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