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So since I run a YouTube account; a small channel, nothing much; it recently jumped in subscribers gaining 39 in one day! To celebrate, I’ve lowered the price on ALL of my T-SHIRTS + STICKERS + KIDS CLOTHES! This ‘sale’ probably won’t end until I reach 125 works on here. I’ve only got 96 and, it will still probably be a while ‘cause I’m lazy. :P / Enjoy t…
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More to Come

Got rid of some of my works that weren’t gathering little to any attention. Maybe about 7 or 8 works were cut from my portfolio. Maybe next time, I should announce the cuts, then leave them up for a week, at a lower price then what they were at before. Sounds good. :P / Making way for some new work coming soon. Plenty of ideas floating around in my head! About to hit 100 works! Yay!
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Oh Wow

I currently (as of July 21st) have 72 ideas for shirts. JUST SHIRTS. And thats NOT including stuff I have yet to finish on my computer. iPhone/iPod cases are hovering around 25. I could break 200 works just by finishing these up. (Or not. Just did the math) / … / I’ve got some work to do. / (AND SERIOUSLY?! 74 cents ’till my check!? REALLY!?!?)
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Gettin' Work Done

Got a lot of ideas floating around in my head. Hopefully gonna break 100 works before I run out and have to find some more. Hope you guys enjoy what I’m putting out so far! / ~WD
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