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Rob Price

Rob Price

Highgate Hill, Australia

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I’m passionate wildlife ecologist and educator, graphic artist and photographer. I grew up with Australia’s wild places as part of my life and learned to love them. One of my life missions is to contribute towards a growing appreciation for the incredible wildlife of Australia and promote their protection. Thanks for supporting my work. All redbubble apparel is sweatshop free but buying please choose the organic cotton options where possible to minimise negative impacts on the environment. Thanks for your interest and support. Any feedback, comments or adding work to your favourites, is greatly appreciated.

If you want anything customised let me know. Do you think a particular design of mine is too small on the shirt? Too big? want a unique variation of it? Don’t like the background colour? Want any element of it added or taken away? Or do you have an idea you want me to execute in my style? I am happy to see what I can do and create something unique for you. Also I can take any photo off my instagram or flickr and add it to redbubble if you really like it, see links below (the buttons just above my Journal).

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Hello! / I’ve created a new facebook page, please ‘like’ it to follow me :) /
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Experimenting with Textures

I’ve been experimenting with texturing some work to make it look aged or simulate flaking paint. In photoshop, to put it simply, to do this you need to take an image of an aged or flaking surface in a separate layer, crank the contrast, select the dark pixels and then switch layers and press delete on your artwork. / If you scroll down to ‘recently added’ on my profile the most …
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Approaching 1.5 million views and 8000 sales of my work :)

Thanks to everyone following my work and for those who have favourited or left comments and also a big thanks to those who have purchased things. / In the coming days or weeks I will pass 1.5 million views and 8000 sales of my work. / I really appreciate all the interest, support and encouragement! / / Thank you, Danke Schon, Mer…
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A poem by 12 year old me

Recently I was pleasantly surprised when my mum found a poem I wrote 21 years ago when I was 12. It brought me back to the place that inspired it which unfortunately is now a resort and golf course. Here it is; / A Grassy Field at the End of Summer / The cows grazing so peacefully / The rythmic humm of the traffic / What’s the name of that tiny bird / flying across the paddock? / Dragonflie…
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