I’m not a real artist, I didn’t go to art school, but I’ve always been interested in art, especially surreal art.
Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Paul Delvaux, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst …

A few years ago I discovered digital art while surfing the net. I was immediately fascinated by and I wanted to try this for myself. I started out by playing around with Bryce and later on with Poser.
But I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. Today I use Poser 5 in combination with Photoshop CS2, both are old versions but they do the job for me.

I always use the basic Poser figures, never use purchased objects, I don’t use a wacom, it’s all done with the mouse.

From time to time I use stock images, when I do I always mention it in the description.

Learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow

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Sorry for the lack of comments but I had a few bad weeks. I was feeling very tired and worn out (I still am), CFS & Fibromyalgia reminded me that they are the bosses in my life and that they rule.
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Thank you mysterious buyer

Thank you for buying So tired it means a lot that this is my first sale here… thank you mysterious buyer. / More info about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia
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