I made the home page, top ten challenge place and features

In the past 16 days there happened a lot about my work:
- "Just to say "Hello"" was featured in Group Incendia,

- “Happiness” was featured in ~Globes, Spheres and Curves,

- “It was all magic” was featured in Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends,
- and also in the group "Bryce and Byond,

- “Summertime” was featured in ! Art and Collectables Sales,

- “Shattered dreams” was featured in The Woman Photographer ,

- “Popping out” was featured in #1!We Sell Art!Group© T,

- “Pink Peony” was featured in *ONE SINGLE FLOWER On Show,

- “Wearing her most beautiful skirt” was featured in Peony Perfection,

- “The jogger” was featured in Bryce and Beyond – 2 per day,

- “Playtime” was featured in Fractal Abstracts,

- “Meeting other planets” was featured in The Healing Journey,
- “Perfume and gems” was featured in Art of Glass,

- “The whirlpool” was featured in Beads-Baubles and Bubbles,

- “The Walk” was featured in Creative Cards,

- “Daffodil in the rain” was featured in *ONE SINGLE FLOWER On Show,

Into the magic made the Home Page 3 days ago

And I had a top ten plce in a challenge with one of my works. Can not find it back.
Thank you all for your comments, favs and support.
Thank you too hosts for featuring my work.
Wish you all a creative, beautiful new week,

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