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Hello and welcome to the gallery of Walnut Hill Photography!

I am Jan Ivie. I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, in Southern Maryland. I love to share the beautiful area and historic sites around me with my photographs!

After a career in media production and advertising, I changed my focus to art. These days I teach Art History at our local junior college and try to get out to take photographs as much as possible.

I have a strong element of detail in my photographs. I try to look for things that most people might overlook – - – a bannister or roof-line in architecture, an almost-hidden shape in a sculpture, a water drop in the petals of a flower, or the iridescent feathers of a hummingbird – - – I enjoy finding the beautiful details and sharing them in my photographs.

I am passionate about art. I try to communicate that to my students. I am passionate about nature and my little corner of the world. I try to communicate that in my photographs!

Thanks for stopping by Walnut Hill!

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Red-Belly up to the bar, boys!

Flushed with delight, I am happy to report that Rudy the Red-Bellied Woodpecker has been featured by the folks at the Local Critters group!!!! / Rudy and his lovely bride, Reba, are setting up housekeeping in the back 40 and are in eminent expectation of an Interesting Event… or two…. or hopefully three! I will do my best to keep them in corn for the foreseeable future! ;-D / Than…
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Putting even more of one's eggs.....

Woohoo!!! / THANK YOU to the lovely and talented and KIND artwhiz47 who likes my cold bunny enough to have it for her very own!! ;-D / I am publicly and eternally grateful, O Whiz!!!!!! / Now where did I put those snowshoes and that basket……. =:-3 / But wait! There’s more!!!! / My disgruntled bunny has now been featured by the folks at the Squirrels at Play group!!! Wow!…
Posted 16 days – 2 comments

More squirrelin' around....

Yowza! Give it up, Fuzzy-tail, you’re surrounded! has been featured again!!! This time by the good folks at Squirrels at Play and I can’t thank them enough!!! / Serious business, this!! / ;-D / Jan
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Squirrelin' Around....

Delighted to report that my picture of one of my squirrel pals experiencing intense intimidation has been featured by the Local Critters group! / Give it up, Fuzzy-tail, you’re surrounded! features little Miss Tootsie accosted by Biff, Farkas, and Bluto, blue-jay bullies who will go to great lengths to intimidate a little squirrel into dropping her peanut treat. Tootsie completely ignored…
Posted 25 days – 2 comments