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Hello and welcome to the gallery of Walnut Hill Photography!

I am Jan Ivie. I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, in Southern Maryland. I love to share the beautiful area and historic sites around me with my photographs!

After a career in media production and advertising, I changed my focus, went back to school, got a Masters degree, and became an Art Historian. I try to get out to take photographs as much as possible.

I have a strong element of color and detail in my photographs. I try to look for things that most people might overlook – - – a bannister or roof-line in architecture, a water drop in the petals of a flower, or the iridescent feathers of a hummingbird – - – I enjoy finding the beautiful details and colors and sharing them in my photographs.

I am passionate about art, about nature, and about my little corner of the world. I try to communicate that in my photographs!

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Me and my shadow....

It is a pleasure to report that the folks over at Backyard Photography have kindly featured So what’s this business about a shadow? / I’m honored! / ;-D / Jan
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A rose is a rose and one arose

The very kind folks at ELEGANT ROSE CARDS have very kindly featured A rose arose / and I can’t thank them enough!!! / I apologize for being absent and mum and inactive – my Mom had to have emergency surgery and is now recuperating at a rehabilitation center so I am there with her most of the time. She is getting along very well and I expect will come home next week, so I hope to be …
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A Deer Feature!

I’m delighted to report that the very kind people at the LOVE THESE CREATURES group have seen fit to include Sweet Jane Doe / in their features!!! / I’m very honored and I thank the group very much!! / ;-D / >blows kiss< / Jan
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See? A sea feature!

Don’t be blue! The very lovely folks over at the GORGEOUS FLOWER Cards group have added Sea Holly / to their features list for a wonderful bouquet of blue blooms!! / I’m delighted and honored to be included!! / ;-D / Jan
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