Letter to a Young Photographer

The following is a blog entry by Joe McNally (this is my other favorite one). I have re-read this countless times….. its always worth reading again. I didn’t actually read this until long after it was published. I read Joe’s blog in Iraq, but this one was published around the time I came back and I just didn’t read his blog for a while. I am jsut glad I foudn this entry.

The link to Joe’s blog and this entry in particualr are at the bottom of this note.

Letter to a Young Photographer

Lectured last week at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. In the photojournalism department, the students all had that traditional mix of energy, enthusiasm, angst, and doubt so typical of that time in your life when you have just picked up a camera and are looking…

The best assignments are free.....

The follwing is one of my two favorite blog entries by Joe McNally, my photography hero……

The link is on the bottom, but his blog is a wealth of information and encouragement. I have posted the link before on my Facebook, but it is such a good post it needs to be posted again and again.

The Best Assignments are Free

They are gifts we give ourselves…..

You already know the ones…the ones that really terrify you. The ones you think you can’t handle. The ones you think are way, way, beyond your capabilities. Gateway assignments. The ones you need to take. They come in on the phone (rarely) or in the email of your imagination as loud as the “TERRAIN! TERRAIN! TERRAIN!” warning in the cockpit. You must respond. You must engage.

Increasingly, these are the ones you give yourself.

On …