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Wecome to the …… ‘WORLD OF WALLY’ ….. The best gift my Dad gave me was on my 14th birthday, and he let me choose my gift….I picked out a Kodak 104 camera and the rest of the story is too long to tell here….The greastest gift he gave me was the “gift of choice” and I will always love him and be thankful for that gift….Some of my alter egos, “Conductor Wally” and Clem Bottoms the backwoods poet and sometimes philosopher keep me in and out of mischief with all of my photo shoots….Hopefully you will be entertained while visiting my site and of course purchases are welcomed because putting Clem thru charm school is gonna cost me a bundle since he keeps flunking out …..Conductor Wally helps keep this train on track tho, so it will be OK….( ^ – ^ )
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Bubbles and Butterflies

The little girl in her likes to blow bubbles and chase butterflies on a bright and sunny day…..Wallace Marshall May 21- 2009
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We are each given a life vision to follow our own dreams…..The wisdom and peace of mind comes when we learn this lesson well. Wallace Marshall 3-23-2010
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