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For 50 things…


If Some of your favorite expressions consist of:

“Anda la mierda”
“Anda el diablo”
“El diache”
“Que Vaina”
“Ta’ To”
“Y Es Facil”
“Que lo Que?”
“A Po Ta Bien”
“Que Tripeo”
“Tu si Jode”
“Ta Cool”
“Ta Jevi”
“La creta”
“Tu ta pasa”
“Cojelo suave”
“Que Bufeo”

If you live, or got family livin in Washington Heights (better said Guaachinton Heights) . . . Or NY in general, this also includes Florida…

If people tell you to stop screaming when you’re really talking

If you grew up afraid of something called “El Cuco”

If you clap your hands while laughing

If you have more Primos and Primas, and you talk about at least one that is famous or rich (lots of cousins).

If your able to dance without any music

If you learned how to dance merengue and bachata before you could walk

If you point things out with your nose and mouth

If you’ve ever gotten beat with any of the following:
rubber slippers, extension cord, hanger (plastic or metal), big rice spoon

If you waste ALL your money in the summer time buying “frio-frio” RED FLAVOR

If you’ve ever gone outside in rolos and chancletas

If you consider a siesta a sacret tradition for the family. Specially between noon and 2pm where the family gets together and eats, more platanos, rice & beans of course…

If your parents go to a little room in the back of your local bodega “pa juga lo numero” of DR

If you consider platanos one of the major food groups

If you can smell chuletas cookin in your house from down the block

If while in your country, you hear people on the block yellin “se fue la luz!”; Them you also hear “Llego La Luz”

If your house in DR has an oil lamp in every room

If you told scary stories and funny jokes while there was no electricity

If you grew up listening to Fernandito Villalona, Sergio Vargas, and Los Hermanos Rosario

If your dad or uncle claim to be dead broke, yet rock a cell phone and is laced wit mad gold around his neck and wrists

If you Drop Liquor on the floor and say “eso e pa lo muerto!”

If you like El Concon (which is the hard part of the rice) and Habichuelas con dulce.

If you’ve ever gotten whipped by a diablo cojuelo or lechon

If your grandma has a saint picture in her living room

If your sofas are covered in plastic

If you all the juices you have in your house are the type that come in powder, and you just mix with water, like Tang

If you eat Mangu on a daily basis

If you ate rice, beans and some type of meat for dinner yesterday, today and probably will tomorrow. Also for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

If you say words like . . . . . . . . Razor is GILE . . . . . . . . Nailpolish is CUTé . . . . . . . Feminine Pads are KOTE . . . . . . . . Vicks Vapo Rub is Vivaporu . . . . . . . . T-Shirts are POLOCHE . . . . . . . . Watchman is GUACHIMAN . . . . . . . . .Garbage is EL Gabish . . . . . . . .Cereal is CONFLE
(Yea you all know you do it!)

If you believe Vivaporu is the cure for EVERYTHING

If you in a 4-passenger car, u got 7 people in it, and someone yellin “caben ma”

If you’ve ever been in a carro publico ;)

If you use an old t-shirt, towel, or anything as a mop, and use your feet to mop

If you’ve ever let some one throw AGUA FLORIDA on you for good luck

If your house on the island has broken pieces of glass to keep away robbers

If you refer to every cat as MISHU

If your childhood games were called: EL ESCONDIDO, POLLITO PLEIBI, APARA Y BATEA, EL GALLO, or that game with a stick and a wheel

IF your parents dressed you up for Halloween as a VAQUERO, CAMPESINA, GITANA, OR HAWALLANA

If your refridgerator has about 85 magnets on it

If all your pots and pans are inside the oven

If your local bodega does lay-a-away/credit plans (fiao)

If you think Bananas or Platanos are a source of Power and call it “Banana Power”.

If since you were little BALAGUER has been dying

If you parents ever gave you ACEITE DE BACALAO when you were sick

If you’ve ever gone to QUISQUEYA PAR (Park, lol)

If either ya father or one of ya uncles has more kids than fingers on his left hand, all with different women

If you use Platanos and coconuts for decoration…

Pass this on to show your DOMINICAN PRIDE
QUE VIVA SANTO DOMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(from left to right, my sister, cousin/friend, me wearing our catholic school uniforms after school visiting the country side)

(above: My sister, mom and me in my uncle’s garden in Constanza)

(The Sun Comes Out For Everyone)

Thanks so much LMAO Art for featuring this work


  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessover 5 years ago

    Good one, Waleska. Sounds very like Isa’s Puerto Rican, and Irish too, especially the holy picture, and mopping the floor with you feet. I do that all the time. Agnes xx

  • lol Puerto Rican and Dominican culture are very similar, our islands are geographically situated right next to each other. In Fact, “Merengue” dance and music which was born in my country is often played in Puerto Rico as well. We also have similar ancestry mix…

    – WaleskaL

  • dpennyor
    dpennyorover 5 years ago

    LOL!!!! fantastic my friend!!!! thanks so much for this!!!

  • Glad you liked it Dennis, thanks for stopping by!

    – WaleskaL

  • Isa Rodriguez
    Isa Rodriguezover 5 years ago

    oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! tesoro lo que ay qui chica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. im just tickled to death .. esto is perfection!.. im in love with the pride and fun a nd laughter!.. he heeeeeeeeeeee… im laughing so much .. thank u for sharing of yu r beautiful pride.. xxxx

  • Thank you Isa for the inspiration ;) xoxo

    – WaleskaL

  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessover 5 years ago

    I love your photos, too. xx

  • So glad you liked them Agnes, I had not share most of those before, So I though they were fitting with the theme. That’s cute that Irish Traditions are similar. xoxo ♥

    – WaleskaL

  • mooner1
    mooner1over 5 years ago

    Yea, babe! Bein’ from Key West I experienced mucho Cubano traditions and the culture… I know Cubans ARE NOT to be compared or even related to DR’s but rice, black beans jerked meat, fish and plantains make them pretty durn close in my book! Nice work!

  • Thanks so very much, that includes Puerto Rican and Cuban Cuisine I agree is so close, the main ingredients of what we call in Dominican “La Bandera” The flag are rice, beans and platanos. In fact our ancestry is very similar too, so many of us share a resemblance, I think. That is awesome, so if you had some Platano, you can say you are part Dominican, at least inside, lol.

    – WaleskaL

  • Daniela Cifarelli
    Daniela Cifarelliover 5 years ago

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…QUE VIVA LA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!! FANTASTIC!!!! Have a look at my public profile….and check something out….(I hope it works!!!)

  • Wohoo! Yeah!! Que Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    – WaleskaL

  • Dayonda
    Dayondaover 5 years ago

    These are really beautiful pics, and it sounds like being DR is very good for one.

  • Oh is fantastic! Thanks Dayonda! :))

    – WaleskaL

  • Daniela Cifarelli
    Daniela Cifarelliover 5 years ago

    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is a fantastic place! The beauty of its places are known all over the world but the thing that amazed me was the Dominican People! They are fantastic, cheerful, always smiling…GOTTA GO THERE! I went there 1 month ago and I miss this country and its people soooo much!!!!!

  • Thanks so much beautiful! I miss it everytime I see my pictures too and your lovely pictures as well. They are so stunning, you really captured the soul of the country with your pictures. xoxo

    – WaleskaL

  • Ghelly
    Ghellyover 5 years ago

    I can’t stop laughing, this is so good, .Let me tell you that we have a lot in common, we share around 90% of the same things, hahahahaha, it’ll be really hard to come up with something original for my venezuelan list, I’ll try though.

    Please post it in the LMAO group.

  • Awesome Ghelly, lol. I’ll look forward to seeing your Venezuelan flag and fun facts. Let me know ;) Thank you!

    – WaleskaL

  • Carol Berliner
    Carol Berlinerover 5 years ago


  • Thanks Carol, we are all World Citizens, when it comes down to it, we have so many similarities and so many unique things at the same time to make us proud of our heritage.

    – WaleskaL