Special Prayer Request...from the bottom of my heart!!

Hello all…

I have a VERY SPECIAL prayer request to ask of each of you!! Dennis, my precious husband, is very sick, and has been for about 2 months now. He doesn’t want a lot of people to know, and mainly his family until we find out what is exactly wrong with him! BUT I can’t wait to send this prayer request out any longer!! I’ve put it off for a week now, and I can’t put it off any longer. I have also let his family (as of tonight) know as well, because as a good friend of ours told me, they have the right to know now, and not later…so they too can be supportive & saying prayers.

About 2 months ago now, he got very sick…in bed sick and wasn’t sure why he hurt all over, and muscles ached like they have never before ached! He was in a lot of pain, fever and just over all sick. He went to our doctor, and was told he had viral meningitis….received meds for it. Took all his meds as prescribed (which meant he was really not feeling well…usually he doesn’t take them all)…..and 2 months later (almost) he’s still sick, with different symptoms this time!!

Just so you all will know a little about him. He’s not the type of man who sits/lays in the bed except to sleep….he’s always working outside, on our house, or in their shop building something….but he’s been in the bed every evening for the past 2-3 weeks after work, and doesn’t move except to go to the bathroom. He even eats in the bed…not a normal thing for him!!

His lymph nodes in his neck have become very swollen….so much so that his neck & jaw line look to be connected. They have gone down some, but not enough to make a huge difference. Still having major body aches, fever sometimes off & on, fatigue..major fatigue, no energy….and just feeling crummy!!

So I set him up a doctor’s appt again on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Anyone who knows Dennis well, knows that if he is asking me to make him a doc appt & pray for him daily…he is sick!

He went to the doctor, and we got only puzzling news…not bad yet, but possibly could be bad, but not good news either….so we are in limbo….waiting! Waiting..the worst part!! Our doctor is hoping & praying that it’s some sort of bacterial infection that has just not been able to heal because of his fatigue, etc going on. BUT….he said he isn’t ruling anything out (ei: cancer, lupus, etc) until he gets some results in two weeks on how Dennis is feeling after taking a round of Zithromax (antibiotics). He also had to put him on a breathing steroid (for 13 days), because Dennis’ asthma started acting so badly that he was having an asthma attack at least 5 times a day…if not more. And just a quick note…his asthma has been under great control for 3 yrs now!!

Our doctor said that Cancer is the very last ruling he will look into. He honestly thinks it maybe lupus. He said that there are 4 different types of lupus, and he thinks that Dennis may have one of the milder forms of it. The worst form of lupus is fatal….then there are not so severe forms of it. The mildest form of lupus is a very severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. So we hoping and praying for the mildest form if he has lupus!!! I have 3 friends with lupus…one very severe case and the other two are kind of in the middle with their cases, and they suffer so much with it! I HATE the thought of my husband having it too!!

I have to call and make him another doctor’s appt for next Tuesday Dec 9th, and then we will be discussing tests, blood workups, etc if he’s not feeling any better by then. I will forewarn you all…chances are, unless God will give us a miracle this time, he will not be feeling any better, because he’s not been getting any better. It will be one week this Tuesday….and he still feels the same! So I am praying for God to PLEASE GIVE US A MIRACLE!!!

I know that GOD does things to get our attention….and bring us closer to him…and I just pray that Dennis allows God to work in him…and he becomes as close as God wants him to be. I believe that honestly….that is the only way we will get a miracle of any kind this time around! We’ve been blessed with so many miracles in the past 5 yrs….I hope God will allow just one more, and I pray that Dennis will humble himself to God’s will!!

Just a quick note of some of our awesome God given miracles!! I was thought to have a large tumor on my right kidney in Feb of 2008 found via kidney xray by my urologist, but with everyone’s prayers going up GOD healed the tumor and it became a huge 11mm kidney stone! One of the biggest my urologist has ever seen! And on March 13, 2008 I had surgery to get it blasted out of my kidney. It took 3,000 hits with the laser to bust it up! Then on April 13, 2008…one month after my surgery….Dennis fell from a ladder, and cut his wrist 1/2 way around on a housing unit for flourescent light bulbs! He is very BLESSED to have any function at all in his right hand….the hand he does everything with!! He cut the main nerve on the pinky finger side, one of the middle tendons, and the arteri on one his pinky finger side as well. Thanks be to GOD that he can use his right hand, not to the fullness as he used to could, but he can use it! Then our 5 yr old daughter (who was 4 at the time) started having some major migraines and nightmares caused by the migraines in July of 2008. Thanks be to GOD that it has been healed up with medication!! Nothing was majorly wrong with her….just a chemical imbalance. :o)

You guys….I NEED THIS PRAYER REQUEST TO BE PASSED TO WHOMEVER YOU CAN PASS IT TO THAT HAS A HUGE AMOUNT OF FAITH IN GOD!!! I NEED my husband back!!! I need him to feel better, to be well….and first and foremost to be ONE WITH GOD!!! PLEASE….I am begging!! I don’t usually ask for much….but I NEED THIS TO TURN OUT GOOD!! He has cried more this past month than I have ever seen him cry. He said to me that he can’t even enjoy Christmas shopping for the kids, because he’s so sick, and can’t hardly stand that long….he is scared to death that he’s going to die sooner than he wants too….and also that he won’t be able to make it through an 8 hr work day. He’s worried himself to death about going back to work on Monday!

I am at my witts end….I have prayed with out ceasing….I have grown in my FAITH….I leaned more on God these past 3 months than I have since I was a teenager…..I just hope & pray that my turning my FAITH around to where it should always be is enough to be allowed this one more miracle!!

I just want to say THANKS in advance for coming through for me with this prayer request. I also want to Pray for GOD’S BLESSINGS to each and everyone of you!! I hope that I have made sense in my wording and trying to explain this whole huge nightmare my husband is living through right now. If not please forgive me….feel free to ask me any questions.

Many, Many Blessings to you all!!
Sheila Pasket

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Special Prayer Request...from the bottom of my heart!! by 

I just wanted to let you all know that this is why I haven’t been online much these past few days. I know we had Thanksgiving, and I logged in for a few minutes to help moderate our group…but that was about it.

So if you’ve left me a comment, or I’ve received any features….I will get to them I promise!!



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  • Sheila  Pasket
    Sheila Pasketover 5 years ago

    Sorry I know this is long….but I had to get it all out!! If you’ve taken time to read this…I am humbled!! Thank You!!

  • Hollie Nass
    Hollie Nassover 5 years ago

    Dang Sheila! I am so sorry!! That is horrible news, but I will pray! I’m confident that he’ll pull through.

  • Thanks Hollie!! I am pretty confident as well, but ya know when it’s this close to “home”….it’s hard to stay so optimistic. :o) But my FAITH Is honestly so much stronger now than it was 3 months ago….I daily am praying for guideance, strength, courage, and just understanding in life in general!! I know that GOD will work this out!! I just hope that juju doesn’t see it here on RB before she reads her email that I sent out today.

    – Sheila Pasket

  • artist4peace
    artist4peaceover 5 years ago

    this is tough, and the 1st thing that came to me was a bacterial infection,( before I got to the cut wrist thing)and it may have gone into the bone which would make it look like a form of lupus………
    ask them to check again!sounds very similar what a friend from long ago went through from a ski accident a simple break/cut got infected……
    Are you asking for VERY specific things…and then standing to receive?hey, easier said than done…and the level you received before,you may have to DIG a little deeper,but you do not have to beg…give that up! doesnt mean you dont have fleeting moments of feeling human despair,Jesus, did….but feel it and keep going…
    ASAP start visualizing him well, see the right food,rest,the right doctors, the best out come…feel it being over and the pink joy of love and peace filling you, your home ,cradling your husband ,children and pets in the greatest love and total well~being..
    so be it
    it is done and so it is. Amen.
    you are the rock upon the rock….

  • I just love when you leave me comments as this one. You are a trooper…and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guideance!! (parenting if you will….it feels good to have someone to say, stop it…no doing that….get things into perspective and watch God take over.) THANK YOU!!!!

    I am calling the doctor in a few minutes to see about them going ahead and doing a blood test this week if possible. Dennis doesn’t want to wait until next week. He is worrying himself sicker….again…thank you!!

    – Sheila Pasket

  • Kimberley  x ♥ Davitt
    Kimberley x ♥...over 5 years ago

    omg hunny poor you and your husband

    I wish the best for you all and a speedy recovery for him too, I pray its only viral.


  • Thanks so much Kim!! I am so honored to have such a great RB family!!

    – Sheila Pasket

  • Christopher Birtwistle-Smith
    Christopher Bi...over 5 years ago

    will bm….xx

  • barnsis
    barnsisover 5 years ago

    You have our prayers, after fighting staph infection for 14 months, having 7 surgeries and being in a wheel chair so long I do understand the fear and anxiety and you can know we will keep him in our prayers, Lupus can be really tough also but it is beatable.

  • Thanks so much my friend!! I believe all is beatable with God!! Thank you so much for your comment….it helps to know that others are out there for me to talk with, and lean on. :o)

    – Sheila Pasket

  • Angel Warda
    Angel Wardaover 5 years ago

    wow sheila, i am so sorry to hear this about your husband! he and your family will be in my prayers. he seems like a fighter…dont worry sweetie. he’ll pull through this.


  • Thank you my friend!! I am so honored to have a great group of RB family!!

    – Sheila Pasket

  • Squealia
    Squealiaover 5 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear your hubby is not well…… I do hope he gets better….. has anyone ever mentioned ME? A lot of people don’t believe it exists but I know 2 people who have it and if it is, it can be managed quite well. I pray he recovers soon, God Bless you all. xxx Hugs.

  • Thanks so much for taking a few mins to read this, and commenting! What is ME? I haven’t heard of it, I don’t guess.

    – Sheila Pasket

  • Squealia
    Squealiaover 5 years ago

    See the link here it is a chronic fatigue illness poo pooed by many, often caused by viral illness, take a read. and I wish you all well.

  • thanks so much….looking into it now!!

    – Sheila Pasket

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 5 years ago

    Hi Sheila,

    i’m just so sorry to hear Dennis is so unwell right now…i know that you hope for a miracle, i will ask God to take care of you all, and pray for answers…and for healing……my father has lupus and other autoimmune diseases, (mixed connective tissue disease) i have coeliac disease another autoimmune disease – autoimmune diseases are hard to live with, but one can adjust well. It’s a matter of not overdoing. At the moment, I hear what you are saying about Dennis returning to work 8 hours a day, this probably is not possible for him and he should probably not attempt it….he might need a doctor’s certificate to get him off the hook for a while.

    If he does return while in this state, who knows where it will lead…..he certainly sounds as if he needs more time off, or a miracle of course…but try to keep him home and get a certificate for more time off…or else reduced hours…..i’d say he’ll end up back home by lunchtime….only because we’ve had so much fatigue in our family, i had chronic fatigue for 10 years until they discovered it was coeliac disease and not actually depression/anxiety…but that soon followed anyway….illness just brings out all these other things, because it’s so hard to live with feeling unwell all the time….i hope he can get a bit more leniency and time off work…at least working some reduced hours…his fears about not making it through the day are very real, and i’m sure he still needs to take things very very easy for now … if he’s having trouble getting out of bed, even to eat, his fears for lasting an 8 hour day are very well founded. I’m just very concerned that if he pushes himself, it will be all too much…

    I so hope you can find an answer soon, but try to be patient, these things take many months sometimes to unveil… took about a year for my dad’s diagnosis…and it took me 10 years…’s a journey, but the best part is finding the answers, and once you know, no matter what it is, then you can really fight it, and/or learn to live with it :)

    meanwhile, i’ll be praying for Derrick and you and your family :)

  • Karin…thanks so much for your thoughts, suggestions, and prayers!!! They are all appreciated. He’s been doing farely good with going back to work. He works with/for his dad, so it’s better on him than it would be if he had to go to work for someone else. He does take more breaks now than normal…but if he needs to sit and rest or something he is able to do it. :o) His dad is the most amazing dad I’ve ever seen!! He’s an awesome man!! He is blessed to have him as his father….and I am truly blessed for him being my father-n-law, although he’s more like a dad to me than my own dad is. He’s just truly an awesome man!! So if Dennis needs to take off, then he’ll be allowed too. :o)

    I pray for a good outcome. He’s been feeling a tiny bit better, but after lunch time he gets to feeling bad. Thanks again!!

    – Sheila Pasket

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