I apologize for my absence!

Oh my….I want to do this as a journal because there’s no way to reach all of you at one time other than this. :)

I want to apologize for my absence….I’ve been gone a while! I feel horrible for it being so long, but I’ve just had a ton of things going on, and the main one is battling migraines! UGH…yep they came back, and hopefully we’ve got them under control again, but we shall see.

Anyway….I should have checked in more than I did, and for that I apologize. I will have to cut back on the work I do in the groups I’ve been helping host, but I just don’t know yet which ones. When I figure it out…I’ll let you other hosts know via the group host forum.

I do have several pics to share with you all, and I hope to get them uploaded soon. Hope this finds y’all doing GREAT and in GOOD HEALTH!!!

Talk with you all soon. Many, Many Blessings!!!!

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