Prayers, Thoughts & Support needed....

Most all of you know juju, and that she’s my sis-n-law. I would like to first say thanks to all of you who have left her comments on her journal You guys are GREAT! And a sincere thanks goes out to you all for your prayers, thoughts & support!! :))

Judy (juju) is having a Heart Cath done today. She’s not a smoker, only 39 yrs old and in good health. But her family doctor sent her to a specialist because of an incident that happened one day at her home. In her words here is what happened “I was at home,on the computer,(imagine that!) and I felt a strange feeling start in my chest,up my throat and into my jaw area. Not really pain,just a strange feeling.”

She had a stress test done and it came back abnormal. So that is the reason for the Heart Cath. We know that prayers work….so I ask that you all take a moment of your day and say a prayer for Judy! She really could use it. She’s anxious enough about this, and really could use the support. I know this journal is late, but it’s better than never, and my husband, her brother, has not been doing well with this news.

She lives 6 hrs away from us, and insisted that he not make the drive up there last night to be with her. I wish he’d have went anyways, just for his peace of mind and to be with her.

Please do not add any horror stories, I have one of my own that happened with my own dad, and I know all to well what can/can’t happen when they do this test. However; I am staying positive this time around, which is hard for me due to my anxiety about anything that has to do with the heart!

Thank you all in advance for you prayers, support and thoughts. You are all great friends, and I’m so glad that I joined RB when I did! Couldn’t have asked to meet better people.

God Bless…..


  • Yool
    Yoolabout 5 years ago

    She will be in my prayer Sheila and all the rest of the family!!
    Take care sweety!!!

  • Thanks!

    – wahumom

  • barnsis
    barnsisabout 5 years ago

    Our thoughts and prayers with be with her and her family.

  • Thanks so much!! Everything went well and they found nothing wrong! Praise God!!

    – wahumom

  • Kimberley  x ♥ Davitt
    Kimberley x ♥...about 5 years ago

    our thoughts are with u juju, take it easy and good luck

  • Thanks so much!! Everything went well and they found nothing wrong! Praise God!!

    – wahumom

  • gabbielizzie
    gabbielizzieabout 5 years ago

    May God bless you and keep in his arms,give you strengh to make it though,my prayers are with you!

  • Thanks so much!! Everything went well and they found nothing wrong! Praise God!!

    – wahumom

  • Barry Norton
    Barry Nortonabout 5 years ago

    Judy i9s on all my healing lists and in all our prayers

  • Thanks so much!! Everything went well and they found nothing wrong! Praise God!!

    – wahumom

  • TxGimGim
    TxGimGimabout 5 years ago

    I just heard from Judy and everything went fine. They found absolutely nothing wrong and she will be back home and on Redbubble again in no time. Thanks to everyone. TxGimGim (Judy’s Mom)

  • Praise God!! :))) I was so glad to get that news yesterday. Thanks for posting this!!

    – wahumom

  • Heps
    Hepsabout 5 years ago

    Praise the Lord!!!! So glad all went well! Please send our good wishes to her.

  • Thanks so much!!

    – wahumom

  • marieangel
    marieangelabout 5 years ago

    HI i have only joined the group tonite and contributed my first art and verse My sons..but I want to send my REIKI MASTER healing to your sister in law and i invite any one who knows you and her to link on(I am not very good with doing links if anyone can help here feel free) To My artwork an d poem combined Angel of safe passage it is a healing prayer for all those on Rb and anyone we know who are in need of healing It has a picture of a church and candle whatever your religious beliefs this is here to give you a peaceful plave to send your was original writen for our hosts mum in law Pops of The world how we see it or how we missed it…Please add your healing prayer that Ju Ju gets the healing she needs to resore her back to good health …mariexangel ..p.s. hello everyone!