First Entry

This is my first journal entry, so let’s start this from the beginning. I have wanted to pursue a career in photography for over 10 years. I have come close a couple of times but I always back away. I usually blame timing or there are too many photographers in the area, the economy is too depressed, I don’t want it to become a grind and lose the joy of it…… Only recently did I change my way of thinking and decide to pursue photography not as a “business” but as the “art” that it is. That’s thanks to my wife, who inspires me to be more than I am. I have been a contributor at for less than a year now but that was just me fooling around with images. I didn’t do it to sell anything in fact I never set up a store front there. I just post images and see what kind of response I get from the community. Here at RB this is my first real attempt at pursuing that dream. We will see if this is just a beginning or just another “almost” attempt.
I am currently employed in a supervision role for a wood products company. I will leave out their name for the time being. I work shift work and hate it. I am the low person of seniority so Days is not in the near future or even the distant future. There are too many that will have to be fired, transferred, or retired before my shot ever comes up. Not that I really want to work on days. There is a whole new stress level to that shift I can live without for the time being. (Too many eyes)
I guess I need to end this rambling of mine. I haven’t said much about photography or my art so let me say this before I leave. I love photography for the chance to share an emotion and experience. It is good therapy for my soul. So there is my insight for today.
Well that should just about wrap up my first entry.

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