Tongue-in-cheek, odd or humorous, slices of the silly, moving or creepy, I hope these make you smile, laugh out loud or at least want more! Ellen Hecht All Rights Reserved.

Being Different, by Ellen Hecht © 2012 All … Martha’s friends had come up with the idea. They were always coming up with this kind of weird stuff. “No Means No” By Ellen Hecht … The girl laughed out loud because she knew this experience was such a cliché who would believe it? “THE PRESENT TENSE” “Alison bikes over to McBride’s arriving out of breath and sweating makeup. Her cat looks indignant stuffed into a pouch attached to… “In The Light of the Full Moon” ©… The last straw was her obsession with the damn zucchini patch she’d planted. Kleptograbitz, a Fairy Tale The people in the Haves’ side of town married each other. I don’t have to tell you that on the other side of town, the Have-Nots were marry… Witchcraft for Dummies “After meeting on every full moon for a year, Miranda and her coven decided to pool their knowledge and write a “How To” manual for w… “McMurtree’s Wallet” Beatty waited to hear why they had been looking for him. Micki spoke. “May I tell him, Dad?” “Yes, yes, go on, girl!” McMurtree agreed. “W… “Dear Beezer” by Ellen Hecht © 2… “Gully’s flooded . . . Not much to do but help sand bag. Figured since they locked you up and you can’t go no place neit… Harold and His Horrible Obsession © 2010 All… “The plan was coming together. In the morning, she would wake up, roll over and get a load of the giant mushroom.” WRITER’S BLOCK “With unsteady hands Marshall pulled out the top drawer of his desk and rolled up his sleeves. There was a razor blade in the pencil… “The Curse” © 2010 All Rights R… " . . . as the sun went down on this “Dia de los Muertos,” Julio Ibarra Lopez de Montoya, the Third, shuddered. Could he dare to hope… “Vignette” The prank was beginning to take shape in Ruiz’ mind. An entirely new genre of creative entertainment; it would be art as sport. “Freakin’ Hilarious” … You’re gonna have to trust me here. I’m gonna explain how Barry ended up in his boxers on this particular day in Jersey. HEDDA d’ KLASS by Ellen Hecht © 2013 All Rights R… Sliding his size twelves into hot pink, high-heeled pumps, with his shoulders pushed back, fake tits thrust forward and head held high, Ezr… WATCHING FRENCH FILMS Lorna had decided to to seduce him; a seduction, the way the French would; something subtle, something that would unfold suspensefully, tha… SWEETS FOR THE BITTER © 2012 by Ellen Hecht A silly little story about Pixies and Wickedness, good versus evil. Low Tide The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera… Breakfast in the Garden, by Ellen Hecht © 20… If the early bird gets the worm, what does the early cat get? [Click here to find out.] “Breakfast” Haiku Its Haiku – the extract would be as long as the poem. Grieving For Mom by Ellen Hecht © 2011 All R… “I’d never gotten the last word in with that woman, ever. Here was my opportunity.” Achieving Enlightenment – - – - ̵… Short story with surprise ending in only 55 words! NO RETURN “Lust in Louisiana” was overdue at the Library, but if Matilda stopped reading . . . Writer’s Remorse © 2012 by Ellen Hecht… The guests were startled, hearing an enormous rumble. Grave Circumstances © 2012, All Rights Reser… This short story was written in honor of Halloween. It is one of a series of short stories, all 55 words long. Power Play © 2012, by Ellen Hecht, All Righ… Another original short story in Ellen Hecht’s 55-word series.