Vickie Scarlett Fisher was born in California and raised in the great state of Texas. She became an artist when her mother gave a pack of crayons and a church bulletin to her in order to keep her quiet during church. From there, Vickie moved to Colorado where she discover the color and beauty of nature around her. It is there she found her artwork was a way to express herself and to feed her creative urges.

Her art process is intuitive and spontaneous. It is an expression of how she sees life, the beauty that exists around us and our connection to the universe. The bright, bold and vivid colors she uses are a reflection of the spirit that is within us all. It is her hope to bring happiness and joy to the lives of those who see her creations.

Vickie Fisher is currently residing in Tampa with her husband and a backyard full of wild critters. Her art has been on display in Colorado, Texas and is now displaying in the “Sun Shine State” Florida.

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My work has been shown at:
Tampa Artist Emporium, Tampa, FL
1618 Snow Ave, Hyde Park in Tampa.

The First Annual Remodernist Painters’ Exhibition

The First Annual Remodernist Painters’ Exhibition

  • Joined: June 2007


Spring in Colorado Springs with Snow

This is an oil painting I did the day of my wedding. It was a class I was taking and the instructor knew I was getting married that afternoon. So he had the class paint as fast as they could, he said it will come out better then spending a lot of time on it. Well, he was right! All the paintings in the class turned out so beautiful and it took us 2 hours and I was off at noon to get ready for my…
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