Bloggers’ Bliss — See our streetwear come to life

Love photography. The sound of accordion. Rain in summer. Dinner at the beach. Sunflowers. Staying in bed while raining. Sniff at new books. Middle Ages clothes. Celtic designs. Walking in a mist. Lounge and jazz music apéro. Vintage signs. Old wooden doors. Lavender fields. Studying and drinking tea. Red fruits. Tender cats. Late afternoon sun. Rustic old stones. Black and white. Wish I had a bookshop. Love Autumn. The word “seesaw”. Warm voices. Minimalism. Scribble in old and wrinkled sheets. Love etymology. Rocking chairs. Cornfields. Unconsecrated churches. Sunrise time. Want a bob and red nails. Wish I had black voice. Humanist. Singer. Idler.
My travelmates: Nikon D80, 6×6 Yashica, Lomo fisheye.

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