Love photography. The sound of accordion. Rain in summer. Dinner at the beach. Sunflowers. Staying in bed while raining. Sniff at new books. Middle Ages clothes. Celtic designs. Walking in a mist. Lounge and jazz music apéro. Vintage signs. Old wooden doors. Lavender fields. Studying and drinking tea. Red fruits. Tender cats. Late afternoon sun. Rustic old stones. Black and white. Wish I had a bookshop. Love Autumn. The word “seesaw”. Warm voices. Minimalism. Scribble in old and wrinkled sheets. Love etymology. Rocking chairs. Cornfields. Unconsecrated churches. Sunrise time. Want a bob and red nails. Wish I had black voice. Humanist. Singer. Idler.
My travelmates: Nikon D80, 6×6 Yashica, Lomo fisheye.

  • Joined: January 2010