The wind blew,
it came in waves.
The petals fell,
on the ground they lay.
They withered and died, and the flower cried.
She raised her head,
to the sky.

The rain fell down,
full of love it flowed.
The sun stretched far,
and held her close.

They gave her strength,
just as friends will.
And when tired from weeping,
they held her still.

She said no more,
my body is sore
and as friends will
they held her still.

She said I’m done
my soul is numb.
And as friends will
they held her still.

She drooped to the ground,
as the rain fell down.
She lay on the dirt
as the sun warmed the earth.

When she felt the end,
she looked to her friends.
And as friends will,
they held her still.

You must not let go,
the rain said as he flowed.
I’ll give you the strength,
that you need to grow.

The sun stroked her gently,
and said I am here.
I’ll give you the warmth,
you need to endure.

The flower raised her head,
and said “I will try”.
And with Hercules strength,
she reached toward the sky.

The days slowly passed,
but with rain and with sun,
the heartbroken flower ,
felt within a new bloom.

It stretched to the sky,
and cried, “I’m still here”.
And as friends will
they held her still.

This is dedicated to my dear friends, who “held me still” during the loss of my precious daughter Tara. Still haven’t titled it yet, nothing seems to convey my feelings just quite enough.

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