Whitehaven is a small town with a harbour on the coast of Cumbria,NW England. It is famous,amongst other things,for the naval raid by John Paul Jones in 1778 during the American War of Independence; it was the last invasion of England by some definitions.Jones was a native of Scotland who had been apprenticed in Whitehaven and led the raid by sailors of the Continental Navy that was intended to burn the ships in the harbour.The guns were spiked first and this statue of a sailor spiking the guns is on display next to the Old Quay. The raid largely failed due to the sailors getting entangled with Whitehaven’s first line of defence-The pub.They eventually had to beat a hasty and slightly inebriated retreat once the population got themselves together.It was only because the guns had been spiked that they weren’t blown out of the water on their way back to the Irish Sea. Still,he did Whitehaven a favour if only in attracting tourists Source.mostly Wikipedia
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Living in the English Lake District,Cumbria,NW England with a love of photographing locations in Cumbria and Scotland, especially landscapes.

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  • joak
    joakalmost 2 years ago

    jeez just think o the money england and rome and anywhaur else we scots huv ramapaged through could huv saved if only they hud had the foresight tae put a couple o swally hooses in the way i can just see it now quick hadrian build a wall heres they daft picts commin naw build a weatherspoons cheap drink an open 24 hours after that they will start batterin themselves an go hame an sleep…..

  • hahahaha,never a truer word. A line of defensive pubs from Bowness to Wallsend. I can see it now.

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz47almost 2 years ago

    Now don’t take this the wrong way, BUT… I think the best thing about this whole endeavor is Joak’s comment. Ah, the larger-than-life JPJ (he started out as just plain John Paul, but as he got larger, he added on to his name) ~ of course, Kirkcudbright owns him, too. In America, most people only know that he supposedly said ‘I have not yet begun to fight’ (if they even know that much), but what they DON’T know is that he uttered those words as The Pub Brawl was just getting underway (I’m making this up, but I could be right). Spike the guns, spike the punch ~ all’s (hiccup) fair in pub & war. Excellent shot (to coin a phrase), by the bye.

  • I shall take it the wrong way. Harrumph. I’m away off to the pub to soak my sorrows.

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • photogaryphy
    photogaryphyalmost 2 years ago

    Great find, lovely shot.

  • Cheers Gary..thought you’d emigrated.

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • George Petrovsky
    George Petrovskyalmost 2 years ago

    That’s a great action shot, Jamie (sorry, I can’t do accents :0)! Are they brass monkeys under the balls? :) george

  • Lol George, I think the monkeys were all in the pub.(Singing in a high pitched key..or is that on a high pitched quay?)

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • David Davies
    David Daviesalmost 2 years ago

    Super picture and story Jamie. He looks more than a little inebriated to me! LOL

  • He was pee’d off with all the others who’d gone to the pub without him.

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomezalmost 2 years ago

    I like this, I saw a few statues in Whitehaven, but I missed this one …

  • Ah,now then are slipping.It’s just past the Beacon

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • EvilTwin
    EvilTwinalmost 2 years ago

    Nice one Jamie boy…I notice the guns are pointed at Scotland..did ya tell that to Joak?

  • Didn’t want to upset

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • photogaryphy
    photogaryphyalmost 2 years ago

    LOL, just haven’t had much spare time as of late to get on Red Bubble mate. Sneaking a look at work as I have a brew at the moment.

  • Tsk tsk

    – VoluntaryRanger

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