Don’t be fooled by the look. Tarn the Patterdale Terrier on top of Castle Crag in Borrowdale in the north of the English Lake District.
We had strolled up from Grange village and as usual,herself had run on ahead.She was already near the summit as I laboured up the extremely steep quarry slope. I reached the first viewpoint only to be confronted by a lady asking me…“Is this your dog?”
“No missus” says I, “I have never seen it before.”
“It’s been harrassing me” says she…as Tarn starts on her world famous kangaroo impression,trying to capture a sausage butty from the hand of the woman,by now held well above her head.
“It’s terrible” says I “how some people just seem to have no control over their dogs” and I walked on by praying that the dog would follow after a respectable time.
Anyway,follow she did,but far enough from me not to give the lie to my disowning her.
As we got to the summit,there were some folks there with well behaved dogs of their own.One was a boy terrier who came to introduce himself to Tarn and was seen off in no uncertain terms..I was keeping my fingers crossed he wouldn’t drop over the adjacent cliff face in his hurry to escape her ire.
She then went and introduced herself nicely to said terrier’s people and mugged them for a currant bun.
She then moved on to the other folks with a spaniel and a retriever,cornered the dogs against a rock and then came over all simpering sweet to the owners who promptly rewarded her with a doggy treat and a chorus of “awww,ain’t she sweet”.
No No No No!!! Tarn the Patterdale Terrier is the spawn of Beelzebub (who has the Devil for a sideboard)
Then I momentarily lost sight of her as I took a shot and turning back,she had disappeared.I was so worried as there were sheer drops all around and so I called,getting a bit more frantic each time.I resorted to the Whistle Of Last Resort,a special whistle I carry on string around my neck and which never fails….no response.The other doggy owners were getting nervous too.
I saw a couple sitting on a rock taking in the views with there backs to me..I realised that they were having a picnic…..(Yes,you are ahead of me on this one) Right in front of them and previously out of line of sight,a small hungry looking terrier was sat in her best “poor me,I’m never fed” position, looking at them adoringly.
“That’s it” says I to the poor tourists “you feed her,you keep her” and taking my leave,I headed back down the track.5 seconds later and still licking her lips,Satan’s little helper was dogging my heels…“hullo Dad” she said,“where have you been?”
Sony Alpha 350 DSLR 18-70 lens,single RAW tonemapped with Photomatix Pro4
Featured in APBT Lovers Mar 2011


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  • trish725
    trish725over 3 years ago

    Gorgeous shot of this poor, starving little dog. Love the story that goes with this :¬)
    Coops has started to learn that if he can get his head into people’s pockets then there may well be a treat in there – some people don’t appreciate this though LOL

  • She does look hungry,doesn’t she…lol. This is her normal trick.

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz47over 3 years ago

    Glad to hear that some things never…. I was visiting the English Pork Pie Company (located in Cheektowaga, NY, about a 20-minute drive from here) last week (& do they EVER deserve their awards!!!!!), & as I bought my pies & bacon, pasties & sausage rolls, I told the lady owner about Tarn & Ray & the sausages, & I pointed out the bag I was carrying ~ the very one that Tarn got her head more or less stuck in. I said I had the pictures to prove each & every scenario. Mrs Pork Pie was weak with mirth by the time I left. Tarn’s reputation may be unsavory among the few, but it precedes her in other spheres. BTW ~ last night Ray had a steak-&-ale pie, & I had a pork pie with Stilton. Oy.

  • I’m off now for a late’ve got me hungry

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz47over 3 years ago

    Heh, heh. And for dessert, the very dog, the very bag.

  • I just had that carpet shampooed

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • DonDavisUK
    DonDavisUKover 3 years ago

    That’s a fantastic Doggy tale Jamie. Brilliant prose mate. Don.

  • Thanks Don mate

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • PoshByName
    PoshByNameover 3 years ago

    Now thats A Fantastic Story & Photo..Straight to My Fav’s..

  • Thanks Maggie,glad you enjoyed the story

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomezover 3 years ago

    Hehe, now that sounds like Tarn, love it …

  • Lol,thanks Tom

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • David Davies
    David Daviesover 3 years ago

    Among all her many attributes, I sure hope reading is not one of them, Jamie! lol

  • She can spell..tee hee

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • Rob Parsons
    Rob Parsonsover 3 years ago

    This can’t be right, Tarn would never get up to this sort of thing !!

  • Of course not….

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • photogaryphy
    photogaryphyover 3 years ago

    Fabulous shot and a wonderful story mate.
    Laughed my head off reading it and I think we have all lost a sandwich or two to Tarn’s appetite. It’s no problem though I just bring extra LOL
    Sounds like you had a great day out and of course didn’t have to feed her as much when you got home :-)

  • Not much I didn’t…it don’t matter how much she eats out,she still has to have her meals at the right

    – VoluntaryRanger

  • John44
    John44over 3 years ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous

  • Thanks very much John

    – VoluntaryRanger

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