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Stuart, United States

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Hello there, I was born in the great city of New York, and now have been living in Florida for the past 10 years to stay close to family.
I like many here love fantasy, history, sci-fi,etc,and am inspired by these subjects, books/authors, artist, and movies. We can never stop learning and so I there-fore strive to get better

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Are (we) Creative People Crazy, or just a little ecentric compared to others?

You know, I’ve often wondered just what goes on in an accountants mind? I can only speak for myself obviously for it is the only mind of which I really know inside and out, but I have tons of stuff running through my head. / Am I unusual? / Whether it is quantum physics with their Micro-verse,Thread theory, Time travel, Parallel universes, or whatever else is the hot topic at the moment, P…
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