1000 views of this image!!!!

My image “Ice Cream Parlor” has reached 1004 views as of today. I’d like to thank all of you that have stopped by to take a look, it means so very much to me. The Ice Cream Parlor/Post Office in the small ghost town of Pinos Altos, New Mexico is now closes and a part of our history.

Many Thanks!

Catching up to do!

I have missed all of you so much……….! After a lightning strike that took most of our eguipment it has been a very frustrating road trying to get back on-line. After a technician was out working on our receiving equipment today, things seem to be working in a normal fashion at to moment and I wanted to get a note out to all of you to say I am so excited about being able to catch up on all of the images I have missed!
Vicki :))))))))))


Many thanks to the person who bought “Sunny Side Up”! Very much appreciated indeed!!! Vicki :)))))))