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Keilor East, Australia

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“Artwork By Vivianne” is a collection of works that demonstrates my ability to utilise the inspiring qualities of colour to impact the audience and spark the imagination.

Colour can be vibrant, expressive and evoke emotion. Colours chosen for my pieces work together to illustrate the story behind the work and capture the attention of the observer.

Self-taught, I specialises in large artworks utilising oil pastel on craft wood (MDF).Frequent subject matter includes fantasy (angels and fairies), fictional characters (taken from mythology and literature) and children’s artwork.


Naturally, the story-telling qualities of “Artwork By Vivianne” lends itself seamlessly to children’s book illustration, magazines, cover art and greeting cards. I provide freelance illustrator services on request.

  • Age: 33
  • Joined: September 2007


Artist Statement...draft

Planning a solo exhibition in Melbourne, Australia – opening night in March. / Any thoughts on this artist statement for the show….note: I have never written an artist statement and am pretty nervous about it….? / ---———————————————————————…
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Artwork by Vivianne: Solo Exhibition - 7th March 2008

Upcoming Events: / Please keep Friday 7th March 2008 free to attend the opening night of my first solo exhibition (to run until the 21st). / Wine and snacks will be provided. / A formal invite will be sent out closer to the date. Send me an email or bubblemail to receive an invite. / Gallery Details: / Artisan’s Alley / 51 Cardigan Place, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia / http://www.arti…
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