Constructive criticism

Hi guys
Since joining the “Bubble” I been bit weary of giving any criticism on other peoples photos, as this can be a bit of a touchy subject for some, as its our art and expression shown in our photos. I threw caution to the wind and gave a constructive crit on Ricky Barrons work, which I found looked great and just needed a little tweak to give it extra edge. My entry was welcomed by him and got me thinking that if we all gave compliments as well as constructive crits, we would go alot further in our art form, as there are some fantastic photographers on the “bubble”, and can only learn from each other even more if we open ourselves to these crits from others……always giving reason why, and possible solution to bettering the image. I would really appreciate crits from all, as long as they justified…..of course its always up to us as artists wether or not to change the image. I sometimes find the comments a little too peachy and was hoping for something little more to be able to improve as photographer… all you guys with something constructive to say, please by all means…..hit me!

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