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How to photograph ghosts

What you need to take a picture of the three witches of the unnamed play. / * Dim light / Night / Dusk or Dawn / * Camera capable of long exposures / * Tripod / * Pocket flashlight / Find a spot with a nice background. Set the distance and exposure time manually. Exposure time depends on the surrounding light. I’m sure the proper exposure time can be calculated, me, I simply try a few setti…
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To enhance or not enhance photos

Photo enhancement is as old as photography. In the old days before color pictures, photographers painted red cheeks with water colors (hand colored photos). There are many methods to enhance analogue photos in the darkroom. / Since digital photography the systems in the camera and on the computer offer a huge range of photo enhancements, some hard coded into the camera without any controls for th…
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Organizing in Collections

I started to organize my designs into collections. It took me a little while to figure out how the banners work. Finding the best representation turns out to be a bit of challenge, since the designs are sized and positioned for shirts. It will take me a few more tries ’til I perfect this part of redbubble. I wish these banners could be created and uploaded. / The good thing is, the now 300 …
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My first 150 designs online

The last three days I spent my time with adding some of my designs to redbubble. Being too busy uploading I missed the 100 mark. Well, I payed more attention the next 50 additions, so I can take a short res-bit to celebrate the occasion. / The 150th: Naughty Bunnies / There are plenty more in my archive, which I’m happy to introduce to this community. This said I will get right back to it. …
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