I am a person of few words, with a lot to say. My art reflects who I am as a person, who I was, and who I long to be, as well as every other part of my life inbetween those three aspects.

I am a completely self taught artist =)
I love portraiture… and editing of photos… and anything that involves something quirky or displaying emotion. I love black and white photos, they always bring out the lines and forms of objects… and I often tend to focus on parts of the body… and nature for some reason…

Please leave me comments… whether they be constructive critisim or just anything! I get incredibly excited when I see that I have comments! =D

I use my art to explain things that words can’t. A picture often speaks a thousand words. How many words can your picture speak?

I draw a picture with my words,
In black and grey and white…
And every colour in between…
To brighten up my life…

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: March 2009


NEW Works =D

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve put some more works up on the RB website! So please feel free to have a look and comment!! / Bec
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Artists Block

Ahh, the frustations of artists block… I’m attempting to do my Body Of Work in art… and I can’t seem to do my second artwork in the series… Its not that I don’t know what I want to paint… it’s more that I can’t work out HOW to paint it.
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